OSSquad One Step Solutions

Open Source Squad Consultancy is a Web and Software Design and Development company that strive to provide Ultimate and custom solutions that has been specially build to solve your problem. Working on international platform Open Source Squad Consultancy claims to be one of the happiest organization having more than 1300 Happy clients in more than 15 countries. Our Enterprise Web, Software and Mobile Solutions helps many industries like Hospitality, Governance, Shipping, Banking, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail and start ups to grow faster in this era of mobility and portability.  As our name suggest we have the best solutions for all your problems related to Open Source World. Trust and Transparency are the key factors that help us maintaining the long term relationships with our clients.

Our creative and responsive design and ability to understand the requirements of each industry enables us to present the brightest future to our clients with perfectly crafted solution for their business needs.  We don’t provide only business solutions to our clients but we always work to provide them a solution which make them satisfactorily happy to work with us for a longer period of time. Interactive Website Design, Web Development and Mobile Application Development are the areas of our expertise. We are moving ahead towards being the largest international web and mobile development group with maximum numbers of happiest customers. We also invite you to be a part of our journey and be one of our happy clients.